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Southwest Financial Services, Ltd. is seeking appraisal professionals to complete Desktop Summary Appraisal Reports, an alternative appraisal product that is gaining wide interest among the members of the national lending community. The Interagency Guidelines have limited the use of AVMs for equity lending decisions, and Dodd Frank has all but eliminated BPOs as a primary valuation tool in loan originations. Our lenders are seeking alternatives to fill the void that has been created by these recent legislative and regulatory changes. Southwest Financial's Desktop Summary Appraisal Report has been designed to satisfy requirements put forth by both the Interagency Guidelines and Dodd Frank. This report is completed by a local appraisal professional, and it is a qualitative report that requires no physical inspection of the property. The report is completed by utilizing MLS information, county data, the appraiser's own personal files, or any other data source that the local appraiser deems reliable. These reports provide valuation determinations that were once completed as an AVM, or by local real estate professionals as a BPO. The Desktop Summary Appraisal Report offers a new revenue stream for participating appraisers, and the form is available through all top appraisal software providers. No special software is required to access and complete the reports. Please click here to view a sample of the Desktop Summary Appraisal Report.

Benefits of becoming part of the Southwest Financial appraisal network include:
  • A strong customer base that will ensure continual growth and reliable work flow
  • Collaboration with industry professionals, offering 25 years of experience in providing leading equity lending solutions
  • Online order management
  • Higher fee payouts than most other AMCs
  • Bi-weekly payment schedules, utilizing direct deposit
  • Traditional appraisal assignments, in addition to Desktop Summary Appraisal work

If you are interested, please register today to join the Southwest Financial Team!
Thank you for your interest in partnering with Southwest Financial Services, Ltd. Please click here, and select "Yes, I'm interested in completing Desktop Appraisals". A representative will contact you with details.

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If you have questions or concerns regarding your invoice or our management services, please contact us at ContractorDevelopment@sfsltd.com.

If you wish to submit an appraisal conduct complaint, please contact us at appraisalcomplaints@sfsltd.com or call our toll free appraisal conduct complaint hotline at (866) 998-7352. We ask for your cooperation in using this email and telephone hotline only for appraisal conduct complaint purposes.

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