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Solidifi acquires Southwest Financial Services Ltd. one of the largest independent providers of outsourced services to home equity lenders.
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Independent AVM Testing   avmV®   Property Condition   Desktop Solutions   Residential Appraisals  
Southwest Financial offers an innovative and independent AVM testing program that defines the most appropriate AVM for a given lending region. The testing program allows lenders to identify multiple industry-leading AVMs to service their footprint, thereby optimizing AVM usability and minimizing risk within a lending portfolio.

Benefits of the AVM testing program include:
  • Compliance with Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines
  • Independence from any entity associated with the production of an AVM
  • Constant transparency regarding testing procedures and policies
  • Thorough documentation of all testing procedures and results
  • National testing presence, offering assessment of over 20 AVMs
  • Continuous rolling testing, allowing for rapid identification of model trends and changes
  • Customization of testing results, based upon lender preferences
  • Innovative model analysis tools
  • Ability to incorporate lender-specific performance criteria and scoring systems to identify top performers and establish cascades
  • Ability to conduct test simulations, based upon testing results and criteria established by the lender.
  • Optimization of AVM use and model accuracy

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